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Steve Sakane is a uniquely skillful financial advisor with many years of research and knowledge in investment strategies, senior financial advising, insurance, stock market, banking, venture capital, and real estate. His extensive practical experience enables him to expertly counsel his clients on various significant economic environments.

In addition to providing clients with secure and prosperous investments, Steve understands the importance of insurance, which led to his outstanding achievements in insurance sales. He holds the international individual sales record of writing over 2000 life insurance policies in one year earning him the prestigious ‘Conquer the World’ award. He has consistently won many significant ‘Number One Producing Agent’ awards with major insurance companies such as ITT Life, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, CNA, and other large carriers. Steve is driven, not to break records, but to serve people. He has a strong belief that investments, income protection, and mortgage/life insurance are necessities for financial protection.

Honorary Awards:

Honorary California Goodwill Ambassador


Our goal is to safeguard the capital of companies and individuals with a financial system designed for lifetime stability. How are we able to offer this? Our creative financial system is adaptable to market changes, capable of unlimited profit on the upside, and protects all capital on the downside.

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